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                                          Grand Knight                      Financial Secretary

                                          Greg Thorpe                                      Jack Dalgleish

                                          2610 S. College Hills Dr.                  1968 Fox Trails Le.

                                          Hanover, IN. 47243                         Madison, IN. 47250

                                          Ph. 812-599-1914                           Ph. 812-274-0437

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Election results from last meeting

GK - Greg Thorpe; DGK - Nick Schafer
FS - Jack Dalgleish Chan. - Don Wood, Recorder - Martin Retzner,
Treasurer -Ed. Schafer, Advocate, Rob Barlow, Warden - Vince
Schroeder, IG and OG - David Carlow and Garrett Leahigh, 1 yr. Trustee
- Ed Craig, Sr., 2 yr Trustee - Tom Schafer, 3 yr. Trustee, Jim
Tatera,Chaplain.- Fr. Chris Craig
Family of the month - Vince Schroeder & family
Knight of the Monath- Ed Schafer
Congratulations to John Berry & Jim Hoffman for achieving Honorary
Membership status and to Karl Eaglin for achieving Honorary Life
We read the application of Joseph Martin for membership.
Corporate Communion is this coming Saturday at 6:00 PM.  Please
contact Ed Schafer at 812-599-0211 to volunteer for one of the
ministries.  We will be hosting a Ice Cream Social/ Membership drive
following the Mass in the church parking lot.  Big thanks to Bob
Schafer for providing his ice cream truck.

End of Month meals

Sept. 24 is the next meals program. Contact either Benny Kelly
812-265-4399 or Mark Cheatham at 812-801-1175 for information if you
would like to help. Many hands make short work of the delivery time


Facebook Mass

We thank those at the office that brings the Mass and Church to
home-bound people with computers. The usual number of computers that
are viewing the broadcast ranges from 50 to 60. This is not the number
of viewers watching, only the number of computers that are watching.
Who knows for sure how many people are gathered around the computer.
We’ve had people commenting on the side that they’re from
Steubenville, OH. Wisconsin, even the United Arab Emirate. I would
suggest that you use the computer and go to Facebook at to
watch the broadcast of the 10:00 AM Mass.
We are grateful to David and
MaryRose for providing the expertise and dedication of putting this
service on the world wide web.  That’s just how many computers are
using the streamed Mass and not necessarily how many viewers are
watching. Each of the services of the Triduum of Easter were

I am sure that Dave and Mary Rose would not be offended if some
individuals would volunteer to learn the procedure of broadcasting the
Mass to give them a break. I’m sure that this ministry could be added
to the schedule.  Isn’t it worth the effort of learning a new skill.
The bugs seem to be worked out as of the last Mass broadcast.
Perhaps we could get some students from Shawe to do it. I’m sure that
the K. of C. would spring for another phone so that the Carlows do not
have to use their phone.  Contact Dave if interested.

Communions for 2022 will be
October 30th at 8 AM.
2022 Memorial Mass will be at 5:30 PM on November 8th.
Volunteers needed.

Friday meals
Mike is continuing the Fri. meal program on the first two Fridays of
the month. I’ve noticed that the 2nd Friday is usually Bob Schafer’s
famous Swiss Steak.  Lent is over so enjoy the meals. All meals are
complete with side dishes, desserts, and non-alcoholic drinks.  The bar
is open to obtain alcoholic beverages.

First Friday Mass is at 7:00 AM  Adoration starts right after Mass.
The Holy Hour of Adoration starts at 8:00 AM for the increased vocation
to religious life followed by Benediction at 9:00 AM. The Knights have
been doing this for over 30 years.  The includes prayers from a
booklet available when you come into Church. There is a lot of time
between prayers for private adoration. If a Knight can not make it
for the Mass, they can come by 8 AM or a little later for the final

They are also sponsoring a Wednesday Adoration from 5:00-7:00 at St.
Patrick Chapel.

Supreme is helping
Pope Francis blessed a very special Easter basket during a private
audience granted to Supreme Knight Patrick Kelly and his family at the
The Vatican on Monday, April 11. The Easter basket is representative of
the 10,000 Easter care packages assembled by the Knights of Columbus in
Poland in recent days, which are being distributed to displaced
families in Ukraine during Holy Week to help them celebrate Easter.
Each package contains items including meat, flour, pasta, chocolate,
and an Easter candle. Sharing blessed Easter baskets is a special
tradition in Eastern European countries, and the tradition takes on
special importance this year.
“I had the opportunity to share with Pope Francis all of the good work
being carried out by Knights in Ukraine and Poland to help those
suffering from the war,” said Supreme Knight Kelly. “The Holy Father
appreciates our efforts very much and bestowed his blessing upon the
Easter basket. By distributing these Easter care packages to Ukrainian
families, we are sharing the light and hope of Christ’s Resurrection,
even in this time of darkness and war.”
Following his audience with Pope Francis, Supreme Knight Kelly
traveled to Poland for a Holy Week visit with Knights serving war
refugees. Today, he helped to load the Easter care packages onto the
latest “K of C Charity Convoy” into Ukraine. Knights have been
organizing regular convoys of trucks that bring humanitarian supplies
into Ukraine. After visiting the K of C Mercy Center in Hrebenne, the
Supreme Knight crossed the border into Ukraine, bringing additional
Easter care packages to families taking refuge at a 14th-century
monastery in Rava Ruska, in the Archdiocese of Lviv, in Western
The supreme knight added, “Today, I was blessed to see firsthand how
Knights in Poland and Ukraine have taken up the Holy Father’s
the challenge to serve others — especially mothers and children — with St.
Joseph’s spirit of creative courage. Our efforts in Ukraine and Poland
have only just begun.”

One example of that creative courage is the expansion of the K of C
Mercy Centers at strategic points along the Poland-Ukraine border. The
first Mercy Center was established in Hrebenne, Poland, and a second
center opened in mid-March in Budomierz. During the first weeks of the
war, the centers provided much-needed opportunities for refugees to
find shelter, warmth, rest, food, and water — as well as spiritual
support through the presence of K of C chaplains and the Sisters of
Our Lady of Mercy. With a shift in primary focus from the border, K of
C Mercy Centers are now opening in Catholic parishes in various Polish
cities, where they will focus on the medium- and long-term needs of
refugees. These Mercy Centers continue the spirit of the Order’s
“Everybody Welcome, Everything Free” campaign, established in Europe
during World War I.
There  is a fund that has been set up by the Supreme office to help
fund their efforts.

Pray for
The victims of the War in Ukraine. The Knights are very active in
the countries where the refugees are being sheltered.

Tim Catalano

Field Agent

Knights of Columbus

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
438 N State Road 101,
Milan, IN 47031.


The website of the McGivney Guild is He has been elevated to
the title of Venerable so he is one step closer to Sainthood.

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