Please remember that all eyes are on the Alter and most watch what you do. Please be reverent of the Blessed Sacrament at ALL TIMES. When you walk in front of the tabernacle at any time, acknowledge Jesus in the Tabernacle by bowing. Please be reverent at all times. 
Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before Mass.
+Before Mass – use Holy Water for the sign of the cross as entering the church; genuflect as you come to the Tabernacle on the way to the Sacristy.
-          Put on Alb and Cincture
-          Light Candles
-          Check to see if Sacramentary is ready for the priest
-          Check to see that Pitcher (with water), Bowl & Towel are ready
-          Decide with each other who is carrying the cross, who is holding the Sacramentary, & who is setting up & clearing the altar
+Procession (except for Advent & Lent) Hands are folded whenever moving about church.
-          Cross bearer leads other two servers to back of church using side aisle, carrying the cross upright
-          The Reader follows cross-bearer, leads and stops directly centered in front of the altar
-          Other servers bow when the Priest bows
-          Cross bearer then goes up steps and then right toward the Sacristy to place the cross on the stand and then goes to join other servers standing at servers’ bench
+Opening Prayer
-          The server who has the job of holding the Sacramentary for the Priest goes slowly to pick it up and holds it for him when he says: “Let us Pray…” and then closing the book and placing it back on the stand at the end of the prayer.
-          At certain times, the Priest may want the server to hold the Sacramentary from the very beginning of Mass.
+Collection/Preparation of the Gifts
-          When the collection begins, two servers set the altar, go to the table and carry the corporal (large cloth) to the altar, then get chalices (on the tray with water cruet & purificators – small cloths) – set the altar. One of the servers also gets the Sacramentary (red book) and places it on the altar.
-          When the collection is finished the other two servers meet the Priest down on the floor level in front of the altar.
-          Server receiving the basket places it in front of the altar
-          Server receiving wine place it on the right-hand side of the corporal (from the priest’s side)
-         These two servers meet the third one who has the water pitcher ready to take to the priest; they pick up the bowl and towel and stand three in a row as close to the right end of the altar as possible, first water, second bowl, third towel.
-         Hand pitcher with the handle pointed toward the priest; when receiving it, get ready to pour the water over the priest’s fingers with the bowl under, and the towel opened.
      Bow to Father
-         Afterward, return to stand at the servers’ bench until the congregation kneels, then kneel at the bench.
 +Lord’s Prayer – Our Father…
-          When all stand for the Our Father, stand at your pew with hands folded in prayer. 
 +Sign of Peace
-          Give a sign of Peace to Priest and each other
-          Then immediately get bowls for Communion and place them un-stacked on left side of altar.
-          Remain standing behind the Priest until the congregation kneels, then kneel three in a row behind where the Priest is standing
Right after the Priest eats the host and drinks from the chalice, stand up to receive Holy Communion. Remember to bow slightly before taking Communion.
+After Communion
-          After taking Communion, wait until Communion ministers go to give Communion and then remove the Lectionary and place it on the table beside Father's Chair, clear the alter. 
+Final Prayer
-         Server who held the Sacramentary at the beginning of Mass once again holds it for the priest when he says; “Let us pray…” and then puts it down at the end of prayer. At times, the priest may need the Sacramentary held for the Final Blessing.
-          At “Let us pray…” the cross-bearer gets the cross, waits in sacristy doorway until closing song begins, and then goes to floor in front of altar and faces altar until the priest joins servers and bows; cross-bearer then leads procession out and when back of church is reached continue down the side aisle back to sacristy.
+After Mass
-          Extinguish candles
-          Take alb off only after duties are completed
-          Hang up alb and cincture