Arrive at Church 20-30 minutes before Mass.

Take bulletins from the sacristy and put them beside the closet in the rear of the church and the large collection basket to the table in the back of the church.

Check to make sure collection baskets are placed in front of pews.

Greet people with a handshake and a Good Evening/Good Morning or possibly a Welcome if they are obviously visitors.

If people are standing in the back of the church, ask if they would like to be seated and seat them. You may look for available seats and invite people forward during the opening song.

 (After Mass begins, wait until the Alleluia verse to seat others.)

Toward the end of the Creed, proceed to the front of the church, and be ready to pick up the collection basket from in front of the first pews. The two in the middle aisle will begin with side-wing pews. The outside users will begin with collecting from the front side pews. 

After placing the offering into the one basket at the back of the church, proceed with the basket, wine, and bread and give to presider** in that order.

Bow and return to your seats by way of the side aisles.

At the end of Mass, DISTRIBUTE bulletins to individuals as they leave Church. (At the side door, it will help if one stands by end of the front pew handing out toward the side aisle; the other stands at end of the last pew of the side wing right by the door.  

After Mass, straighten up pews and the books in the pews. Clean up any trash. 

Fire extinguishers are in the back of the church and in the sacristy. 

Terrorism: If someone’s appearance or behavior causes you concern and it is before or after mass, please alert Father. If it is during Mass, alert a police officer if they are present or another suitable person to monitor their behavior. If there is an act of aggression please yell out and immediately call 911. 

Bad Weather: If there is bad weather during Mass Father Chris will give instructions. The safest place during bad weather is in the church. If the electricity goes out and it is too dark to see, Father Chris will give directions for people to remain seated until lights are restored or candles can be lit.

Counting money and Information for making bank deposits:

  • Two of four of the greeters will need to count money
  • Supplies can be found in the top drawer of the cabinet in the sacristy.
  • Count the cash- please list the amounts for each denomination and then total. Please put the paper around the money with a rubber band.
  • Separate the green and yellow envelopes and place a rubber band around them.
  • Put a rubber band around loose checks and put it with any special envelopes
  • Special Collections should be put in plastic deposit bags and marked accordingly
  • Put everything in the red deposit bags, lock the bag with a marked key,  and take it to German American bank located at Main and Walnut with the night deposit.
  • Use the key to unlock, pull open, and put the bag in the box. Open again to make sure it is empty. Close it and lock
  • Bring the deposit key back to the parish and put it in the sacristy drawer.

Special collections should be put in plastic deposit bags and marked accordingly and put these in the red bags when you make your deposit.