The Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson

Archdiocese of Indianapolis

1400 N. Meridian Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202-2367 317-236-1403 


19 August 2021 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I write to you today to ask that you consider being generous to the annual collection in support of The Catholic University of America, September 11-12, 2021. Located in the heart of our nation's capital and founded by a pontifical charter in 1887 as the research university of the Church in the United States, Catholic University has long served the Church and nation. Several priests and laypersons of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis are alumni of this prestigious university. Their work in our Church has often been invaluable particularly in the fields of Canon Law and Theology

Your gift to the second collection, the only national collection taken for higher education in our country, will not only go to support students, faculty, and staff in this crucial time but will also help the University better serve dioceses and parishes through innovative research initiatives and training programs. One such project is called "The Catholic Project" and is designed to heal the breach of trust many have experienced resulting from the current sex abuse crisis in the Church. Other valuable programs are aimed at equipping the Church and her ministers with the skills and knowledge needed for fruitful ministry in this time and place 

The contributions of the Christian faithful nationwide are critical to both a successful academic year and to all the important work the University does on behalf of the Church and its faithful. These contributions are an investment in the future of the Church and those who serve her, an investment that continues to bear good fruit in our archdiocese and in our nation. Please be as generous as you can in supporting this national collection for The Catholic University of America

Thank you. I remain grateful and humbled by your willingness to support the many ministries and services of the Church

Sincerely yours in Christ 

+ Charles C. Thompson 

Most Reverend Charles C. Thompson Archbishop of Indianapolis