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Knights of Columbus

The Real News of
Fr. Riehl Council # 934
Madison, IN. 47250
Knights of Columbus

ph. 273-1537




                                          Grand Knight                      Financial Secretary

                                          Jim Tatera                          Jack Dalgleish

                                          2038 Ridgewood Dr.            1968 Fox Trails Le.

                                          Madison, IN. 47250              Madison, IN. 47250

                                          Ph. 812-265-2301                  Ph. 812-274-0437

                                          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Coming events

June 26-State Hospital visit

June 29- End of Month meals

June 30– Corporate Union

July 10– Business Meeting



The Family of the month is Dave and Mary Rose Carlow. The Knight of the month is Pat Berry.

Dues are Due!

Jack reports that there are 2 members who haven’t paid their dues for the year. We must pay for these members in spite of their delinquency. Supreme must be paid.

Corporate Communion

The following CC dates are set for the coming year,. June 30-8:00 AM Mass, and September 22-10:00 AM Mass. If you have a KC Shirt, please wear it. If there will be a breakfast afterward it will be announced.


Meeting agenda is 7:00 Rosary, 7:30 Meeting. We need the spiritual side as well as the practical. July 10th is the next meeting. We need you.

State Hospital

Our next State Hospital visit will be June 29th at the state hospital.  We meet at the club and then go over to the Hospital. After feeding the patients of the ward, we play cards with them. If you are interested in helping with this charity give Pat Berry, 812-701-5269 a call. He’ll fill you in on the details.

End of Month meals

This program will be on  June 29th at the Salvation Army, our assignment is to deliver the meals. Contact either Benny Kelly 812-265-4399 or Mark Cheatham 812-801-1175 for information  if you would like to help. Many hands make short work of the delivery time spent.


The Knights are sponsoring the First Friday Stations and Adoration at St. Patrick’s Chapel. Note the time in the church bulletin.


We had our annual eletion of officers for the upcoming year.  The Trustees; Tom Schafer, presented the slate for the council. The new officers will start their terms July 1.


GK-Greg Thorpe

DGK-Nick Schafer,

Chancellor—Dave Carlow

Lector-Vince Schroeder

Recorder-Marty Retzner

Treaasurer-Eric Schafer

Advocate-Rob Barlow

Warden-Ed Schafer

IG and OG-Don Wood and Brent Copeland

1st yr.-  Jim Tatera, 2nd yr. -Tom Schafer, 3 yr. -Andy Craig

4th degree slate

FN-Larry Basham

F. Adm.-Dave Carlow

F. Capt.-Paul Sommer

F Comptroller-Mark Goley

F. Scribe- Jim Tatera

F. Purser-Charles Cilles

F. Inner and Outer Sentinels-Ed Cozart and Jim McDonough

1 yr. -Greg Thorpe; 2 yr. -Donn Lorton. 3 yr. - Tom Schafer

Defending Knights

The hallowed halls of the U.S. Senate were the site of a provocative but important question by Sen. Ben Sasse to a judicial nominee: “Are you now or have you ever been involved in the organization of a fish fry.”

It was funny, but it wasn’t necessarily a laughing matter.

At issue was the recent move by some of Sasse’s colleagues to question judicial nominees about their membership in the Knights of Columbus.

At a recent U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Sasse (R., Neb.) defended the Knights of Columbus in a series of questions to Peter Phipps, a nominee for United States Circuit Judge for the Third Circuit. Phipps is a Knight belonging to Edward Douglass White Council 2473 in Arlington, Va.

Sasse then asked Phipps if he had gotten questions for the record about being a member of the Knights of Columbus. Phipps said he had received questions during the process for his district court nomination back in May 2018.

Phipps is not the only judicial nominee to be questioned over his membership in the Knights. Last December, Brian C. Buescher was questioned about whether his Knights of Columbus membership would prevent him from “fairly and impartially” hearing cases on the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska. Several senators stated that the organization had “taken a number of extreme positions” on the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion.

Phipps explained to Sasse that the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization dedicated to uniting men of faith. He noted that it was founded in the late 19th century to help provide for families at a time where many men faced dangerous working conditions.

“It’s a charitable organization,” Phipps said. “It’s an organization that has social and recreational activities that many members of my family have really enjoyed and really benefitted from.”

Sasse then provided for the record a number of facts about the Knights:

Knights of Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal service organization in the world.

In 2017 the Knights volunteered and contributed more than $185 million to charitable organizations and activities.

Also in 2017, Knights volunteered more than 75,600,000 service hours.

The Knights have a proud tradition of standing against the forces of prejudice and oppression such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Sasse expressed his concern that questioning over membership in the Knights is “becoming common practice on the committee.”

“I really hope we reconsider this new tradition on this committee of asking people about their religious commitments.”

This is not the first time Sen. Sasse has come to the aid of the Knights. In January of this year, he introduced a resolution adopted by unanimous consent that “disqualifying a nominee to federal office on the basis of membership in the Knights of Columbus” violates that anti-religious test clause of the U.S. Constitution.

You will find the contacts of both the Field Agent serving 934; and the General Agent., serving Southern Indiana in the next column.

General Agent

Clint Spaulding Agency

504 3rd Ave.

Jasper, IN. 47546


Ph. 812-481-9200

Toll-free Ph.—866-311-5632

Email  — This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Field Agent

Keith Greer

1240 Timberhaven Ct.

Scottsburg, In. 47170

Ph. # 812-820-6588

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The website of the McGivney Guild is http://www.fathermcgivney.org/mcg/index.do. He has been elevated to the title of Venerable so he is one step closer to Sainthood.

The Indiana State Council website is at http://indianakofc.org/.

The website for the Supreme Council is: htttp://www.kofc.org

The Prince of Peace website is at http://www.popeace.org/

I encourage all our members to visit these 4 websites.



 Father Hilary George Adam Meny

 January 21, 1915 - October 7, 2016

     On October 7, 2016, Father Hilary George Adam Meny, beloved uncle, great-uncle, great-great uncle, and pastor, was gently lifted up to Heaven, after a wonderful Life of 101+ years here on earth.
    Born on January 21, 1915, to Bernard and Catherine (Emmert) Meny, Hilary grew up in Haubstadt, Indiana. After attending grade school at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, Hilary attended St. Meinrad Seminary. On May 14, 1940, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by the Most Reverend Joseph E. Ritter, and celebrated his First Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church on May 19, 1940
     Fr. Meny’s first priestly assignment took him to St. Philip Neri Parish Indianapolis, where he served as a junior assistant until 1947. After this, Fr. Meny served at St. Joe Hill Parish in Clark County and at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Bedford.
     In 1949, Fr. Meny was named pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Madison, Indiana, where he lovingly served for over 40 years. While pastor at St. Patrick’s, Fr. Meny was instrumental in establishing Shawe Memorial Catholic High School, where he served as superintendant and Pope John XXIII Catholic Grade School. During his tenure at St. Patrick’s, he also served the parish of the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Church in Vevay, Indiana.

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Father Hillary Meny's 100th Birthday Cellebration


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