Commission for Spiritual Life (Pam Deveary)



Please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass. Put out lector microphone; adjust mic for your height. Power switch for amp is inside sacristy door. Put Readings on the lectern. Use Book of the Gospels for the procession and go to back of church,* leaving the sacristy available for other ministers to prepare.


Process in directly behind the servers; hold book up to-but not above-eye level. At the foot of the altar, step to the left side and bow when the presider bows. Go place the Book of the Gospels on the center of the altar from the back side of the altar. Proceed to lectern and stand waiting, facing the presider.


After the opening prayer, wait until everyone is seated and then begin the first reading. Introduce the reading using only the bold print intro, without adding, the first reading is...’ After the 1st reading, step back, and stand next to cantor’s chair while the psalm is sung. (If there is no cantor, pause and then read the responsorial psalm). When the cantor is finished, pause, then read the second reading. After the second reading, put the readings on the shelf inside the lectern, after pausing for a few seconds, and go to your seat.


After Mass, please take readings back to the sacristy. Please turn off amp and remove mic.






Arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass. After looking them over, place the prepared Call to Worship and Intercessions on the lectern and take your seat close to the lectern leaving the sacristy available for other ministers to prepare.


At the time that Mass is scheduled to begin, go to lectern and read the Call to Worship and possibly announcements, and return to your seat.


Toward the end of the Creed, usually when “one, holy, catholic….” is said, go back to the lectern; after the presider’s introduction or by some nod or cue, read the intercessions. (On occasion, the Creed is omitted and the intercessions are read sooner, on cue from the presider.)


After the presider concludes with a prayer, go back to seat.


After Mass, please take readings back to the sacristy.  


*Unless Deacon Mike is assisting.


**When Deacon Mike is present, the first lector on the schedule reads the first reading; the second lector does the call to worship and the second reading.