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Eucharist Ministers

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Please arrive 15 minutes before Mass in sacristy, check in and begin preparing the bread and wine and vessels. Two people can do the set-up. One should check schedule for other names and get subs for those who do not show up. If Deacon Mike is assisting, the last person on the list should drop off. If you are subbing, let other ministers know. Purificators are in a drawer marked as such in upper cabinet. Wine bottles are in server’s sacristy. Bread is in the top right hand drawer, or wood cabinet on floor. Cups, bowls and tabernacle key are in center upper cabinet. Fill large bowl with estimated amount of bread needed and place large host on top.


Fill small wine carafe and the three wooden (sometimes there are other cups used) cups. Place the wooden cups and an empty crystal chalice on the tray along with four purificators. Put the tray on small credence table in sanctuary; Small bowls are also placed on credence table in sanctuary but not on tray. (When choir is present, additional vessels are needed for Mass.)


(Fr. John will use one of the glass chalices; check with visiting priest on preference.)


Prepare water pitcher, bowl and towel and place on credence table.


Both Wine Carafe & Large Bowl are to be taken to table in back of church.


Hopefully you will be able to sit close to front of church and at the same time being able to join your family members.    


Come to the altar as soon as Father takes the host; gather in horse-shoe formation close to the altar—ideally with 3 of you on one side and 4 on the other. 


If the choir is present, two ministers from the choir will gather at the same time to receive communion.


Communion will then be given to you in the hand and the cup will be offered as well. Those four ministers that receive the cups turn to offer to other ministers and servers, then proceeding immediately to positions. Please stand with cups close to right side wall and left hand entrance and against the front pews with appropriate space from the host minister. Those with hosts go to two front pews, distributing down the row, and then remain standing about 4 feet from the middle aisle. The remaining host ministers distribute from either side of altar and then to front of altar in main aisle.


If one runs out of host, go to tabernacle to get more hosts from ciborium, or from the host minister who is closest.


When you are out of the Precious Blood, simply put cup on the tray which is on the side altar. If you have the Blood of Christ left over, please consume it at the side altar. 


After distributing hosts, give remaining hosts to Father at the side altar.


Return immediately to pews.


After Mass, take the bowls, cups and carafe to the sacristy. Wash carafe (no soap), bowls and cups well and dry with the large towels from bottom drawer of cabinet. Return bowls and cups to cabinet.


 Father Hilary George Adam Meny

 January 21, 1915 - October 7, 2016

     On October 7, 2016, Father Hilary George Adam Meny, beloved uncle, great-uncle, great-great uncle, and pastor, was gently lifted up to Heaven, after a wonderful Life of 101+ years here on earth.
    Born on January 21, 1915, to Bernard and Catherine (Emmert) Meny, Hilary grew up in Haubstadt, Indiana. After attending grade school at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School, Hilary attended St. Meinrad Seminary. On May 14, 1940, he was ordained to the Holy Priesthood by the Most Reverend Joseph E. Ritter, and celebrated his First Mass at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church on May 19, 1940
     Fr. Meny’s first priestly assignment took him to St. Philip Neri Parish Indianapolis, where he served as a junior assistant until 1947. After this, Fr. Meny served at St. Joe Hill Parish in Clark County and at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Bedford.
     In 1949, Fr. Meny was named pastor of St. Patrick’s Church in Madison, Indiana, where he lovingly served for over 40 years. While pastor at St. Patrick’s, Fr. Meny was instrumental in establishing Shawe Memorial Catholic High School, where he served as superintendant and Pope John XXIII Catholic Grade School. During his tenure at St. Patrick’s, he also served the parish of the Most Sorrowful Mother of God Church in Vevay, Indiana.

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