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Rhine River Pilgrimage





You are invited to join the Prince of Peace Choir on this Pilgrimage on Rhine River

 Families and friends are welcomed,

you don’t need to be a choir singer to participate in the Pilgrimage.

more info online at:choir.popeace.org

online registration at:ctscentr.al/prince-of-peace

Click here to download the BROCHURE










CLICK HERE for Steeple for the People  
Available is the Brochure about the campaign, the video about the campaign and all the reports that led us to the campaign.
Most of the answers to your questions about Steeple for the People are addressed here.

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I Will Sing and Make Music CD cover
The Prince of Peace Choir

is pleased to announce the release of their new CD

I Will Sing and Make Music

Copies are available at the church entrances

or at the Catholic Community Center

Click here to listen to a sample "Surely the Presence..."