Mass Times and Locations

Prince of Peace 413 East 2nd  Madison, IN   St. Patrick Chapel 301 West State St   

Most Sorrowful Mother of God            591 Ferry St, Vevay, IN

Monday, Prayer and Communion Service, Noon, St. Patrick Chapel

Tuesday, 5:30 PM Prince of Peace

Wed-Fri, Noon St. Patrick

Saturday: 4:00 Most Sorrowful Mother of God    6:00 Prince of Peace

Sunday, 8:00, 10:00 (Broadcasted Live on Facebook) and Noon (Hispanic) St. Patrick Chapel 

St. Patrick Chapel open daily Mon-Fri for individual prayer. 

First Friday Mass is at 7:00 AM at St. Patrick Chapel

Pope John XXIII Elementary School serves the surrounding community by offering a complete educational experience for students in preschool through the sixth grade. We are located on the Prince of Peace Catholic School campus in Madison, Indiana. While we are proud of our Catholic identity and are affiliated with the Prince of Peace Catholic Church, we welcome families from all faiths.
We have had great success in all academic areas while maintaining a safe and welcoming Christian environment for our faculty, staff, families, and students. We are proud of what we do here. We are proud of the family environment that we offer and we hope that you take a moment to learn more about us.
Please feel free to contact the schools for more information or a tour. Click on the school name or go to the top menu bar to navigate to the school's website.